Update (6th September 2015)
I started this blog in 2013. January – February time. I’ve just been through a messy heartbreak, I fell for a good friend, a woman. It was so confusing. Then I ruined my friendship as well. It was very bad. But I decided I’d be a fitness bunny, I slim down and I find love. I decided to become and awesome woman. Plan went wrong and instead of becoming a kickass woman I came down with depression and anxiety. So now I’m working my way up from the very bottom.
In the meantime I realised living on the countryside is pretty so I’m no longer willing to leave it.
If I have to measure my way towards happiness then it’s like I have to climb a long stair up. 1000 steps. Now I fell back to around a 100. I started from -200 at least. So its a big improvement but still a long way to go.


I’m not Kitty. I’m kitty. A baad kitty. The reason for being a baad kitty is the mixture of Puss in Boots and my funny accent. Puss says at the beginning of the movie ‘What can I say? I was a baad kitty.’ and when I quoted it to my friend VP she loved the way I said it so it kind of stuck with us. We’re kitties. I’m particularly a bad one.

Well, not that bad. Just free and single.

Being single in a town where everybody has a family, at least on a level of relationships it’s not easy. I’m single and ready to mingle – sounds good but my options are mingling with families with kids or couples. Well, no thanks! No offence! Families are great, kids are brilliant, it’s just not the type of life I want.

I want to live in a big city, preferably in London. I’ve been there for a year but things didn’t really work out. Criminals, drug addicts and prostitutes are not really my company although I had good moments. All in all my first year in London was kind of a nightmare or a rather unpleasant experience. I just call it my gap year. Yet I want to return there because that’s where I’m supposed to be.

Last time I’ve been there I had a feeling I’d never live there again but who knows. Things may have changed since.

Basically this blog will be about my diet. The struggles. The ups and downs. I’ll post the food, the recipes and progress. Experiences and tips. Plus bits-bobs from my life, news, friends. Tips on how to survive a major heart-break. Ben&Jerry’s is a working way. Not so healthy but definitely working. 😀 Also expect honesty. And poems. Opinions. Outbursts. Fun!

I get into silly situations all the time.

2 thoughts on “Cogito ergo BOOM! Big bada boom! – Intro

  1. Just found your blog and I like your posts! It keeps me motivated as well to follow others on their fitness journey. You have done a really great job so far! Keep it up and have a great weekend 🙂 xoxo Deniza

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