So as I said last week I decided to raise some money for The Mastocytosis Society. I plan to do it by offering 55% of my profit that comes from my webshop until midnight 31st August 2017.

I don’t expect everyone to go through the whole product catalogue but here are my favourite products (they don’t even break the bank!)

My Forever story started with these two products which I started using for my incredibly unmanageable skin: dry (as in flaking dry) and super oily and rosacea. Aloe gelly and Propolis creme helped making my facial skin better, manageable, no longer flaky dry and oiliness is under control too.

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The two together are just under £30 or $30 which is around the same as top brands products BUT for this money you get 236 ml stuff instead of 30 ml. It lasts for like 5-6 months or so and they’re very good for dry hands and cuts and bruises and sunburns as well. They can be used on animals too.

The next I love is the protein shake. The best ones I have ever tried. Vegetarian. Gluten free. Low calories. A lot of protein (24g per portion!!!) and you can even make pancakes (which I will show in another post) oh, and full of vitamins and minerals!!!

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Next in line is the aloe scrub which I use twice a week on my face. It lasts for ages, you only need a small amount (even for my big face!), it doesn’t have plastic and it’s not too soft or not too hard:

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After scrubbing my face I use Marine Mask which doesn’t have one of these fancy pictures but again it’s definitely worth buying it. I use it twice a week too and it’s just under £20.

We also have a cleansing programme called C9 which is 9 days cleansing with the power of aloe vera. i have just finished mine and it is absolutely amazing. I lost some weight but more importantly for me I gained energy. Lots of it!

I also drink aloe gel every morning, the berry one. It helps to support immune function, skin and gastro-intestinal health


Other products I use, only as a list as I could go on for ages:


Forever Daily multivitamin

Arctic sea

Nature min ( I combine it with Daily)

Bee pollen


MSM Gel (very good and advised for athletes)

Heat Lotion (very good and advised for athletes)

Sonya Nourishing serum

Aloe Bright toothgel


I added the links to the listed products as well. It would be amazing if we could raise like $1,000 by the end of August!!!


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