Hi Guys,

I’m so sorry for not being active recently but life just got crazy. Good crazy though yet it is crazy! I started a business with Forever Living Products and I have so many things to learn especially things relating to self development. I’ll talk about it in the next few days (OK, I seriously try!).

I also have a story to share and actually this story is the reason why I’m writing this post.

In 1956 there was a revolution in Hungary revolting against the Soviet Union (you know, Eastern Block and Cold War era) and as a result of it tens if not hundreds of thousands people escaped Hungary to try to find a new life or purely just to stay alive. Part of my family also escaped and they settled in the US. Due to political reasons they couldn’t keep in touch for a while then rare letters arrived. As the political situation eased the letters have become more and more frequent and the lost cousins reconnected. As the generation of grandparents passed away we lost touch again until a few years ago when I had a crazy idea to find them. It was an international mission involving several family members and distant memories but I found them and we keep in touch ever since. I love them to bits!

Recently my cousin was diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis which is a very rare condition. She’s been in and out of hospital for quite a while and she’s going through so much. Currently there’s no known treatment for it. However I think raising awareness and raising money for research would be very important so I decided that from now until midnight 31st August 2017 I offer 55% of my retail profit for The Mastocytosis Society.

Forever Living Products is a nearly 40 years old US company producing high quality aloe based products in the beauty and health industry. We’re offering a wide range of products, covering most aspects of life from food supplements to fitness through beauty.

My retail shop and more information is available on this link!

Let’s raise some money for this cause while maintaining our health!

In the upcoming days I’ll share my favourite products with you and why I find them good. It will be one post, so don’t worry, I’m not loading my blog full with it! It will be my personal blog however I will be putting the link to the bottom of my other posts as well. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support!!!




3 thoughts on “Reaching out

  1. Thanks for posting this… I know it really meant a lot to her that you did! 🙂 So kind and thoughful of you!

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