What politician! A world leader! There are many things I’d change and I would start from the beginning. Education. 

Teach people how to live healthy and prevent diseases. Most of the current diseases we have could be prevented in a high percentage with a healthy lifestyle. Basic nutrition, how to eat healthy food, what is a portion of fruit or vegetable and why it’s important to have them as part of your daily routine. How to use natural remedies to treat a common cold or sunburn. How to protect the environment and what you can do for it in your everyday life. Make people understand the fragile balance of nature. There would be lessons on honey making or setting up your little garden. Must have DIY skills like building a simple garden shed or a table or fix your clothes. Introducing the culture of fixing instead of the culture of wasting, e.g. if your pants have a tiny hole just fix them instead of bin them and buy new. I’d teach art and culture to the kids so they can get to express themselves in a way let it be dancing, writing, composing music, painting or sculpting. I’d teach them cultural and religious diversity and respect towards each other. I’d teach them kindness and helping each other is the solution of a thriving future and violence doesn’t bring any good. I’d teach them to their obligations and not just their rights. I’d educate about the demolishing impact of unhealthy lifestyle, drugs, alcohol and smoking. Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes would be legal but you’d have a maximum quota per person you could use. They’d be centrally controlled, taxed and distributed. It would also guarantee a good quality of these substances as well. 

I would change the social benefit system and healthcare. The more useful you are for the community (working, studying, contributing, caring, leading a healthy lifestyle), the more benefits you are entitled to. The healthier you live the better and quicker healthcare you’d get. Like if you don’t smoke or drink you’d be seen by a doctor quicker or you’d get an essential organ transplant quicker. Is it harsh? Yes! But I think society should reward those who do everything they can to be healthy and not those who choose to destroy themselves anyway.

I’d implement high taxes on sugary and unhealthy foods like fast foods or sugar coated pastries and promote and support healthy food. Nowadays if you go to a shopuph can buy 2 pecan nuts and maple syrup pastry for £1 while a healthy tiny nutbar is £1.50 or you could have lots of unhealthy meals for £10 (full of preservatives and plastic) or a little bit of healthy food. I don’t think it’s right. 

I would also maximise the wage of public representatives like ministers and politicians. The maximum they could earn would be like £60k per annum. I live on the third of it so they could lead a decent life too. 

I’d educate people about sports and why it’s important to be active. It’s not that everyone has to run a marathon. It can be anything. Yoga, basketball, cycling, weight lifting. Social and healthcare benefits would also be linked to these activities.

I think these are the main things I’d change. I am guilty of many of these things as well. It would take a long time but it would definitely be more beneficial than the world we currently live in. Vote for me! Vote for your future! Be the change you want to see!



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