I’m so sorry guys for not posting anything recently but life is just bit of a chaos right now. Work is crazy hectic. Sylvester’s kitchen is getting more popular = more cooking! And I started my Forever Living Products business too and although I’m taking it slowly there are so many things to do and learn! I’m getting really hooked up on aloe Vera, once I know more I’ll probably share more information too. It’s just such an amazing plant with so many benefits. I actually had my first income from the business. I slightly overspent this month and I was like ‘eeerm, two weeks till payday and I have no money!’ and that anxiety feeling came back (I still had enough money for basics as in bus ticket and food…) and then BOOM I realised I get money from Sylvester’s kitchen and I sold my first aloe products as well and suddenly I had money again! (Ok, don’t think of billions! Just enough to put my mind to rest) It made me realise it’s actually a really good thing to have more sources of income and not to wait for payday once a month so I decided to invest more time in trying to build this business. There are amazing opportunities in it and my initial goal would be to earn an extra £100-£200 a month let’s say by the end of the year. It would help me paying my debt back sooner, spend more on my health and generally ease the anxiety of money issues. So now I’m just trying to settle in with my knew schedule and find time for everything. After having years of not doing anything suddenly I’m buzzing a bit and it’s the good kind of buzzing! It feels good!  


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