Sometimes I feel like these exams I’m supposed to take are cursed. Once I lost internet connection, then the exam software failed to load, then the next time I wasn’t even booked in because of my membership was not in the system. All these issues were fixed and I could eventually gave them a go but it didn’t help with my anxiety issues.

Last Friday I thought I was fully prepared, nothing could have taken me by surprise. Then I saw a young guy who just took the bus over on his bike a minute ago flying and flipping in the air after he was hit by a car. Luckily I think he was fine, he got on his feet immediately but I was left really shaken.

Nonetheless, I took the exam, I tried it and we’ll see how it goes. And I’ve been spending the rest of the weekend doing and thinking of positive things: I bought a walking sandal on discount and summer/leisure trousers (that one was 50% off! Woohoo!) and I also received my Forever Living Products starting package with lots of good and healthy things, lots of aloe vera and no harsh chemicals. And Saturday after a long sleep I was just hanging out in the garden sunbathing and inside with these cute little babies.

To be honest even with all these good things around I feel a bit unsettled. I keep having some really disturbing dreams and I’m not sure why or what they mean but they most certainly leave me stressed and exhausted but I keep holding onto all the positive and miraculous things because there are plenty of them around me recently.


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