So, my 3 days juice detox failed. Big time. On day 2 around 11 am I started shaking and I became dizzy and I felt I needed food immediately. So I had some bread as a quick fix and then I had green peas soup (mostly liquid with some green peas). I immediately felt better after the soup. It seems no matter how beneficial it would have been to do this cleanse my mindset or body or both are just not up for it at the moment. Ooops. I’m still drinking a lot of juice but I eat normal food as well. 

Yesterday our garden was finally transformed from being a wild jungle to a nice and decent green garden. So I can finally use it and as it was a lovely sunny morning I decided to do some yoga outside.

It was so relaxing. The sun stroking my skin. Cats playing around. No loud noises. Quiet except birds and other noises of nature. No cars and smog but clean and fresh air. I connected. It was amazing! Peaceful and balanced in nature. I have always considered myself to be a city girl, loved living in urban areas and countryside was never my thing. Then more than seven years ago I had to leave London behind to move to Exeter. I failed. I felt like being punished and exiled for some treacherous sin. Exeter has become my detention centre and I thought if I behaved well I’d be able to go back to the city. I failed again and I came down with depression and anxiety and halfway through my recovery I realised I actually like living in Exeter. The rhythm of the city, the events, the routines became mine. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to move back to London anymore. Then a few months ago, mostly around the beginning of this year I started appreciating where I live, the quiet place, having a big valley and lot of green area around, fields, a little forest, deers, birds, cats, peasants, wildlife, all the blooming flowers and the clean and fresh air. I want to live here. Close to nature. Far from dirt. That’s where my Zen is.


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