Or something I don’t know yet… I’m doing a 3 days juice/smoothie diet. I haven’t been eating too well lately and for months I’ve been planning on doing this. I feel I need to refill my body with nutritious stuff but giving some rest to my digestive system as well and cleansing out my body so juice diet seemed to be the best idea. I did a 3 days one years ago, not long after I turned vegetarian and I felt really good after it. And I’m feeling ok now too except I WANT TO EAT!!!! NOW!!!! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS!!!! Nah, I’m not hungry but I feel the urge to eat. I have always loved eating and food is an amazing gift to have, enjoying the various taste and smell of meals. During my depression and anxiety food was my safe haven and I think I developed a really serious addiction to it so it feels like I’m having withdrawal symptoms right now. So on the verge of crying (yeah, I’m that weak and it’s emotionally really difficult not to eat, like super hard not to eat) I just keep repeating ‘I’m committed!’ hoping it would help.

So far I downed 750 ml green juice and roughly the same amount of apple and raspberry one. And water as well. My first day will be mostly about fruit based drinks. Tomorrow is roughly half fruit and half vegetables and Day 3 will be mostly vegetable based. I have a whole arsenal (and variety of colours) of juices and smoothies so I will highly likely not starve to death (not like I’m starving at all and I have lots of reserves in my body to use up…)

I can do it! I can so totally do it! FOOOOOOOOD! I WANT YOU FOOOOOOD!


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