The past few weeks my mind was just spinning like crazy like when something changes. When something is shifting. It was just a feeling which could not have been put in words. Until now. 

I realised I started living a conscious life. A life where I choose what I want to spend my time with, who I want to spend my time with. I firmly believe there is a life, a ‘higher’ level of thinking. Conscious life. When you focus on what serves you, gives you happiness, improves you, makes you healthier, wiser. You focus on people, activities, thoughts, hobbies, everything that takes you forward instead of holding back, fills you with joy and not pain.

If you live like this you’ll see a whole new world. You open up to the magic life is, the everydays you are gifted with. You find people who you learn from and people you can teach and these will be the only people around you. Your community. The life you choose and create. 

You know they say you always hurt the ones you love. I believe in this mindset you no longer hurt those you love. Maybe you no longer hurt anyone. Because it’s negative and it does not serve you. You let go. You believe in magic. You are magic.

Photo credit: Kris Carr


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