They say you have to try a new food every week to make your diet really varied. I cook quite a lot and I aim for different things for lunch but it seems I embarked a new mission of trying lots of new and mostly strange (for me) meals.

Seitan – the texture is very similar to meat and I kept gagging plus the taste was very disappointing for me. I will most certainly not try it again. (Biona)

Tofu wiener – WOW!!!! I just love it! It taste nearly like a ‘normal’ wiener sausage. I love it! I’m just in live with it. And actually my colleague also agreed it taste nearly like the real thing. (Taifun)

Quorn wiener – it’s very close to normal wiener but not as tasty as the tofu one

Haggis – haggis is a Scottish meal made of pork. More description here. I never tried it but it reminded me of some traditional Hungarian food I somewhat liked so I got really excited when I found vegetarian haggis. (My friend also got excited when she found a gluten free version!) It’s alright. Nice. Probably not something I’ll buy again but it tasted nice. (Macsween)

Tempeh – it’s a tricky one. I had smoky maple bacon slices made of tempeh. I found it very very salty but it was alright. So I’ll keep trying to find something else. (Tofurkey)

South Korean bean paste – it taste nice but a bit too salty again. It was worth a try though!

Mixed dried seaweed – I’m yet to try it but it looked funky.

Custard Apple – you know the problem with most fruits and vegetables in the UK is they’re not ripe enough. This wasn’t an exception either… but I’ll buy it again and wait until it’s ripe to give it another go. 

I also managed to make my first home seasoned fried tofu that actually tasted something.

I think that’s all the new things I had in the last two weeks but I think there’s more to come!

Have you tried anything new and strange in the past week/month?


One thought on “New foods

  1. Amazing, good trials!
    We had seitan in Budapest, Hungary and it was ok. I’m not saying it was my favourite but it was ok! Tempeh for us it’s a no, thank you!

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