I embarked some lifestyle changes this year which concentrates on healthy eating and being more environment friendly. (And change my mindset as well)

I try to reduce the waste I produce by buying bulk items instead of prepacked ones: loose courgette instead of 3 courgettes on a plastic bag. Most of the times it’s not only cheaper but I produce less waste.

In the name of healthy eating I started eating at least 7 portions of fruits and vegetables a day as well. As with most new things you have bright ideas and the theory of everything in the beginning but when you do it in practise it may not work out as well as you imagined. I started buying lots of fruits and vegetables then I had to realise I’m not able to eat them all so I ended up wasting precious food, money and produced more waste than before! Yikes!

This is a typically bad example: prepacked tomatoes that gone mouldy…

Then luckily my manager mentioned her guinea pigs and goats and chickens love all these slightly wrong food so I started feeding them! I don’t plan to keep it up but at least I’m not wasting food as it gets eaten by animals. Now I just have to find a way to buy these tomatoes without packaging. (I know, I could go to a market but it’s not available for me and I could start composting but I don’t do gardening…that may be a new challenge in later life…)


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