Recently I’ve become more and more aware of the damage our environment is suffering and all the natural beauties that are threatened. I also realised I don’t know a lot about environment protection and I think I’m not doing enough either. So I decided to do something about it. It’s been bothering me for a while that everything is wrapped in plastic and most of it is non recycling type so I swapped for buying bulk items whenever possible to reduce the waste I produce. It’s a small step, I know but it’s a step nonetheless and I’m already feeling better about it. Although I have to change my mindset to buy stuff that’s not wrapped but I’ll get there. So far, in the past week I chose non prepacked avocado, courgette and kiwi. My banana is bulk anyway. That’s 3 plastic bags a week I don’t produce. Small things for me but it may be vital for fish or seagulls to survive.

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