So yesterday I re-blogged a post about interested and committed, what they are and what the difference is.

I realised my problem with diets and becoming healthy is commitment. Well, more like the lack of it. I’m ‘only’ interested in becoming healthy but for whatever reason I don’t commit to it.

Do I have commitment issues in general?

No, not necessarily. I’m committed to eat mostly healthy, home-cooked food, to eat at least 7 portions of fruit and veg a day, to reduce my cheese intake, to stay alive, to do my job well, to take care of the cats and feed them regularly, to not fall back with my payments (bills, rent, loan, etc)

But I can’t seem to commit to becoming healthy, losing weight, doing yoga daily or being active daily (or give up eating KK doughnuts for the rest of my life!)


So now I’m doing a new challenge. I’m committing. I’m committing to healthy life and diet and losing weight and minimising ‘bad’ food for the next 21 days (sugary, chocolaty, candy like things and doughnuts and biscuits and cakes and whatevers). It’s not that I won’t eat them at all because I have already had a piece of homemade rhubarb cake (today is day 1) and I’ll probably have sweets on Wednesday (international food day in the office) but that’s it. I won’t eat our weekly regular doughnuts and cakes things, I won’t eat the biscuits rounds (so far I refused a super yummy looking fudge and I’m pretty much drooling) but I’m committed. And every time I feel like eating bad food I ask myself if I were committed. Let’s see how it goes…

Oh, and doing yoga 3 times a week and walk half an hour twice…


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