In the name of my forever going saga of losing weight, becoming healthy and eating healthy I embraced eating 7 portions of vegetables and fruits a day and make it a stable part of my eating habits. 

These days I also try to pay attention to calories again and not eating more than 1500 a day (and slowly implementing workouts as well like yoga and walking) which I must say is going really well. I eat throughout the whole day, mostly in the morning. I’m a grazer and I work with people who eat a lot as well so it’s inevitable for me to keep munching something.

Anyway, here’s what I eat a day:
Breakfast: a slice of bread (seeded) with half an avocado (1 portion)

Elevenses: tomato-pepper-cucumber salad (3 portions = 3 x 80 grams of all of them) with homemade salad sauce (full fat Greek yoghurt with nutritional yeast, paprika powder and fresh parsley) and a handful of black grapes (1 portion)

Lunch: penne giardiniera (pasta with courgette and spinach-breadcrumbs-egg-parmesan balls) (1 portion of courgette and spinach together)

Afternoon snacks: nectarine (1 portion), 1 banana (1 portion), 1 fruit salad from Starbucks (2 portions) 

This whole lot comes to 952 calories.

For dinner I’ll eat either a noodle soup with green peas and ginger or oatmeal or something else but it means I have plenty of calories left and I must say I’m not hungry. (Unless my anxiety of dieting kicks in which is really stupid.)

Anyway, that’s what my typical day looks like, obviously lunch changes but it’s also usually under 500 calories so I’m always around 1000 calories during the day. I have 10 portions today and lovely rainbow foods as well. OK, the fruit salad is a luxury but I forgot to grab the kiwi and I was so worried about feeling starved and starting binge eating that I decided to splash out on a fruit salad (£3.65!!!!!!!)

And let’s talk about money as well. Most of the times a new diet is expensive. I must admit this healthy eating has increased the amount of vegetables I buy and probably fruits as well. Like instead of one cucumber a week I eat two or 2 avocados per week is now 3 avocados. 5 bananas changed for 5 bananas AND nectarines or apples or blueberries. I save money on bread though. I definitely save money on not buying chocolates and cheese and other things like that regularly. So I’d say my weekly regular grocery shopping is a bit more expensive but not ridiculously. Instead of spending £20 now it’s like £25. (And my weekly binge food went down from like £5 to £1) I’m looking for sale items like buy 2 for 3 or 2 for £5 and I don’t buy the most obvious and fairly affordable fruit: apple (the crunch drives me nuts!!!). If you’re a meat eater then it definitely saves you money: swapping 100 grams chicken breast for tomatoes (instead of 200 grams chicken breast and no tomatoes). So I’d say for me it’s definitely a worthwhile investment as I’m getting healthier.

(PS: dinner was oatmeal with almonds and raisins and a spoon of peanut butter. So I  total I had 1239 calories)


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