What was once lost…

I never considered myself religious. I did not believe in God and Heaven and He’ll. I had my own theory what happens when we die (we all become energy particles and joint the big energy ring) but that’s it. Then my father died and something opened in my. Something spiritual. I ignored it for years but it just kept coming back and giving me signs and help and guidance. The Universe replied. God answered. I started nurturing thus spiritual channel and I felt more and more comfortable about it. Then my brother passed away and suddenly everything changed. This channel closed and no matter how hard it tried it just remained blocked. Until now. 

A week ago I had my big scary exam and at 4am I was still panicking and revising and struggling with anxiety. Then I had a nap and around 7 I was just sitting in my bed, drinking coffee, eating croissant with Nutella, having a foggy brain and not thinking of anything at all when suddenly this very strong and clear statement just came ‘I’m gonna f*ing beat my demons.’ And that was it. This spiritual channel opened up again, I know God (or universe or call it whatever you want) got my back. I don’t usually swear or use slang but this one just came so strongly. And then anxiety was gone. Now I know again I can win. I’m just gonna beat them and that’s it. Sure like Tuesdays follow Mondays. Or the Sun rises in the morning. I’ll beat them. Re-sit  booked and preparing doesn’t make me worried again. Not anymore. (Spirit came a bit too late to finish revision…) I’ll deal with rest of crap in my life as well. I’ll live the life I want to live then. Finding happiness and joy in the days.


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