I’m sorry but no Saturday Soul Feeding today because I’m currently studying to take a very scary (Financial Statements) exam on Friday. 

This will be the 4th time I take it. Even my study is going hard as my mind built defensive block against it. 

Wednesday study afternoon – gave up as nothing went in

Thursday study afternoon – I forced through 2 chapters and not remembered much

Friday evening – forcing the same chapters not much luck. 

Friday night – whoa, the knowledge started going in

Saturday – slowly going through the stuff very thoroughly and battling with the blockade in my mind but definitely progressing

Saturday late afternoon – flying high! I broke the barrier! I study like I used to do before. Before my depression. 

It may return tomorrow as I keep revising but at least I know that once I broke the barriers so I can do it again.

Anxiety is just like every other fear or challenge; you just keep tackling and at one point you beat it. One less weight to carry tonight to bed.


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