Today I bring you a moral question as part of soul searching. I have just watched Eye in the Sky and there are a few questions ramming in my mind. I apologise but there’s a spoiler below so if you haven’t watched the movie yet and want to watch it then I might ruin it for you. Nonetheless it’s worth watching anyway. So there’s a joint British American military operation to capture some top terrorists in their safe house. When they realise they’re planning a suicide attack the operation changes to destroy the house. This change goes through a chain of command and legal advices and debates until both parties agree to go ahead. Then the drone pilot stops the operation because there’s a young girl selling bread just outside the house and it’s most likely she’d be fatally injured therefore he asks for reassessment of the collateral damage… and the debate starts again. And it got me really involved.

Do we have the right to kill an innocent little girl by a drone and claim as collateral damage? Are we sure there’s no other way to stop them? If the drone strike kills the innocent girl the propaganda will turn against us and people would stand by the other side supporting terrorists. Is it worth saving that innocent girl sacrificing the damage (estimated 80 fatalities) caused by the suicide bombers? 

In theory, yes, sacrifice one to save the rest. But would I be able to do that? Knowing and seeing her just selling bread at the wrong place the wrong time? No. I would not. It would be a terrible crime to commit. So would it be not to stop the terrorists. Yet I just couldn’t do it. While I would easily terminate the terrorists if I didn’t have to sacrifice the girl. 

All I know for sure is that wars and terror attacks have victims on all sides. The innocent civilians, the girl, her family, the people who made the decision and carried out the strike and obviously those who were in the house plotting to kill more innocent people. Too many ruined lives for a war that cannot be won yet it’s ongoing for years and years and will last for a long time until humanity finally grows up and wakes up one morning to keep living in peace and harmony. Or more likely the war is going on until humanity finally manages to destroy itself.

I just feel really grateful I don’t live in a war zone and I don’t have to make these decisions.

May the force of the unicorns be with us!


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