​Are you satisfied with your life? It’s an interesting question. I’m not satisfied but I’m never satisfied with anything because I’m an idealist and perfectionist. Which is something I try to leave behind. There are many things I’m grateful for
though in my life. Every evening I find (at least I try to!) 10 things I’m grateful for on that day. That changed quite a lot in my perception of the life I have. I think happiness and satisfaction are more temporary things relating to a moment than a standard
way of living. We are destined for continuous improvement and development in our lives therefore once we reach satisfaction/happiness/balance we start seeing the next level which we couldn’t see before so we start working towards fulfilling the new potential.

I think happiness and satisfaction must come from within. Having 30 pairs of shoes can give the exact same satisfaction as having 10 pairs. I used to have 30-40 pairs of shoes. Now I only have like 10 pairs.
I don’t feel less satisfied because of it. I never felt satisfied but my mindset is changing. My priorities are changing. However the society around us is very material and it’s very easy to be in a material society because measuring
success is imminent. If you have a Ferrari, you are successful. If you don’t have a car, you’re a failure. I keep falling for this as well. R really offended me (unintentionally) when she said people who don’t have a car and house by the time they’re
30-40 have not achieved anything. Which translates to me as being totally worthless. But am I really worthless because I don’t have a house? Or because I don’t drive and I don’t have a car?
Is it more satisfactory and valuable to have a house and car and fancy dinners than being able to help a homeless person by buying them a pack of croissant? Or being able to donate some food to food banks for
those who can’t afford it? Giving money regularly to charities so they can help other people or animals or they can research and study illnesses?


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