Courgette and some other vegetables like aubergines are short of supply in the UK market and it’s really pressuring as I have some food based on these in the upcoming days and weeks (for Sylvester’s kitchen). I know it’s nowhere near the food crisis other people encounter day by day but this is my first experience with it.

I must say it’s really freaky. Going from shop to shop asking everywhere if they have aubergines. Then I found a greengrocer’s who had both on stock. I usually buy my veg in Waitrose which is a bit expensive (but good quality) and as a guidance their price are 

Aubergine – £0.80 each

Courgette – £0.50 each

Now the greengrocer’s prices

Aubergine – £1.29 each

Courgette – £1.79 each

I must say I was absolutely shocked to find these prices. I really understand it’s nowhere near any food shortages other parts of the world experience yet it’s a big hit in my comfortable Western life. I only wish nobody had bigger problems than this. And I think this helps to put my life in a different prospective…

And I think eating well should be as evident and available to everyone as education, freedom of speech, healthcare and peace.

Idealist? Yes, I probably am. But one can only hope…


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