Things are meant to change. Things are meant to change. We gain things, we let go of them. We give and get. We flow as time and space flows by. We lose people ad we grow apart and others stay with us because we change together. Nothing is permanent. This is called balance. The good and the bad. The old and the new. 

From time to time we have to reflect on our lives and make a decision what it is to leave behind because it no longer defines us and we’re ready to let go of it; and what it is we’re still willing to carry on our journey. There’s only so much we can carry. What we leave behind creates a space in our life which we can fill with new experiences. New thoughts. New possessions.
Life is about changing. We’re born ad babies then we grow up and we mature. It’s change and we should not resist change as it may break us like trees broken by strong winds. Instead we have to find our flow, the balance that let’s us dance in the storm. Bend but not break. Grow and change but not to lose our roots. 

Finding our flow might not be easy. Like taking the perfect picture. It takes time and practise but after a while you feel the moment, the change and instead of falling you bend then you straighten again in a changed world as a changed tree. That is your picture of the moment in the moment. Then it all starts changing again.


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