From time to time we all feel down. For some of us it’s only for a couple of hours while for others it may be more permanent. The important thing is to know it’s OK to not be OK. It doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be a moaning whimper though, if you have a mental health problem there are ways to mend it or make it manageable. So ask for help, try to seek solutions, try to change things around you. Take it step by step. Slowly. You have time. And dare to speak up about it!

I came down with depression and anxiety 3 years ago. Perfectionism and over compensation and binge eating and barely any sleeping were there in my life for years and at one point I just couldn’t bear it any longer. I was pushed to ask for help by my friends and my conscience after I started self harming. My ‘little’ episode turned out to be a longer term problem and the roots of it went back to my early childhood. It took years to get there and only the last few months brought the real mending path. I’m improving. I’ve been improving for years. I spoke about it. I was not aware there’s a stigma and I didn’t experience it either or at least I was oblivious about it. And I’d encourage everyone to state it. It’s not something you have to be ashamed of. It’s like having a broken leg. You’re having a broken soul. And it’s perfectly fine.

The one really positive thing in my mental health problems and speaking openly about it is that other people feel encouraged to speak about it as well. Openly or only to me. But they speak and that’s a very important thing. That’s the first of many steps in the journey


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