Between spending a lovely afternoon with an old friend, walking and talking, drinking coffee and watching people practising on Exeter University’s temporary ski course…

…and making a very lovely breakfast on Sunday morning (avocado on toast and mushrooms and tomato and cheese and fried eggs and parsley)…

…I got some pretty tough news.

There’s this guy I had a huge crush on a few years ago and he was interested too but eventually nothing happened because some ‘kind friends’ intervened. I was very upset (It was all before my dark era started). Last night I read he was sentenced for community service and therapy and 5 years registration in Sex Offenders register for downloading child abusive images. I really feel sick about it. And I’m really glad nothing ever happened between us. This always bugged me because there was chemistry between us and I couldn’t let it go, it was still there somewhere in the back of my mind. I guess though these news put the below quote into a whole new perspective:


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