Today was a really chilling day. I didn’t have much planned for the day except cooking so I was just sleeping a lot. Then cooking and some cleaning and continuing the getting rid of things mission. I have a bag of clothes ready to go to a charity. I already have one thing I’ll get rid of tomorrow. I binned my old running magazines as I’m not going to use them this year anyway and maybe never at all. I have 2 big boxes to go through tomorrow and Tuesday. Creating space is definitely going well. 

I also got a bowl of spices from Grenada. I love them! They smell so yummy! I can’t wait to try them all! As I opened the package the fresh smell of them created such a lovely feeling. Excitement. Fresh. New. Something I know. Something I’ve been waiting for. It was like when spring breeze brings the first scents of blooming flowers.

I know it’s only been a week since the new year commenced but something seems to be different in my mind. I think I have my first obstacle as well but I might have just needed it to strengthen my intuition to go towards zen this year. 

Gratitude is something I started practising; I say thank you for 10 things every evening. I need more work on it to really deepen it. Baby steps.

All my baby steps in the past few years seem to have gone in the wrong direction so I really hope that this year will bring the right path for me. 


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