Or why does 7 a day important? What is 5-a-day anyway? And why is calorie counting important? Simple, for our health. I’m not talking about strictly dieting but having the right food is important for a long and healthy life, strengthening our immune system to fight off cold or more serious illnesses.

Some of us have a naturally more healthy eating habit. Like my boss who just loves apples and fruits in general and vegetables. She eats at least 2 apples a day. Or my friends little daughter (4) who actually asks for veg like cucumber and pepper for evening snack and sometimes she only eats the vegetables from their food. Others have less than healthy natural food preferences. Like me. I love carbs. Pasta and bread and rice with cheese and minimal veg, sometimes a glass of fresh smoothie and lots of cakes, crisps, biscuits, fries. All the not so healthy stuff. I could happily live on them for a short while until I kick the bucket way too early feeling sorry for myself that I’m not healthy. That’s why I introduced the 5 a day diet. Every day you’re supposed to eat at least 5 portions (80 grams per portion) fruits and vegetables. They have to be different types. So 5 bananas just wouldn’t do the trick. As a matter of fact 2 years ago I was ‘at risk of diabetes’ based on my blood test. A recent one no longer puts me into this category. The only thing that changed pretty much is my commitment to at healthier lifestyle. I didn’t happen overnight. It took weeks to eat lots of fruits instead of cakes and chocolates. Then some fruits were swapped for veg. Then chocolates were swapped for healthier options until I transformed my snack drawer to somewhat healthy

Do I still eat chocolate bars and cakes and biscuits? Of course I do. But my first stop to eat some snacks is to open my food drawer. It took a while to find healthy savoury snacks but I have just recently discovered some corn cakes with chia seed with no added salt and they’re surprisingly good. Plus my graze boxes (they’re on sale now! Whoop-whoop!). So I have fruits and vegetables and Nakd bars (cashew cookie is my favourite) and corn cakes and nuts. That’s a good start for the year I think.If you’re like me and you’re more likely to go for cakes and chocolates than raw cabbage and broccoli, this would be a practical way to kick off your healthy future project. Week by week swap half or third of the unhealthy stuff for healthy ones (snacks, main meals) and soon you’ll be transformed. You will still eat some not too good food. Why wouldn’t you? But overall your health will improve and you might just start shedding some weight as well.


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