It’s 2017! Woohoo! A new year, full of hopes and wishes. We make new year resolutions, we start a healthy diet and workout regime and then we don’t stick to it. So this year I don’t do it. Instead of new year’s resolutions I’m making plans.

I launch a challenge for myself to keep transforming my lifestyle to be healthier. Instead of 5 a day I’ll eat 7 a day (that’s what Australia recommends) and at I’ll eat the ‘right’ portions as well which is 5 vegetables and 2 fruits. Obviously it won’t happen today. Or tomorrow. not even in a week time. I transform it in a few months. I keep practising yoga daily which I haven’t done for a while. And I try to learn how to live a mindful and wholehearted life. I learn it. I will also work on letting the past go. I’ll do my best to pick up running from spring again and stick to it. Yes, I still try to lose weight but instead of focusing on that I just try to be healthier and more active.

This is my plan for 2017. I wish you balance and harmony this year.


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