BREAKING – Fluffle the one and only single pawedly defeated the evil hall-rug that launched a malicious attack on the peacefully breakfasting Paw Clan. 

Fluffle was fully alert and stepped up just in time to save everyone from potentially fatal wounds. The rug is now laying flat awaiting for its sentence. 
Other news

Sylvester the once notorious bully was made aware by well respected clan head, Columbus aka ‘Big Daddy’ that he was not welcome in his private chambers however he may use it as safe place.

Sylvester has a long history of abusive behaviour and being a bully, launching unprovoked attacks on innocent members of the public. He was sentenced to ball-chopping this past summer. Since then his behaviour improved significantly but members of the public still remember his violent bullying days. It will be a long way for Vesterpops to rectify all his past actions and become a fully accepted member of the clan again. 

Tensions are rising between Onesie and Hattie. The cause of the rivalry is yet unknown however the two are getting more passionate in standing up for their rights. It may be related to the ongoing war for the radiator


Winter is currently suspended for the next 10 or so days


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