There’s not much to show this week. I went to spinning class on Monday aaand that’s it. I was really achy on Tuesday and I had an earache by the evening. It was bad enough to leave work on Wednesday. I had a funny tummy as well, I ate crap food and I didn’t feel ok at all. Earache was healing but something was still not OK. I feel better today but not my best.

One thing I realised was the lack of motivation and that put me off track. I knew I didn’t have a motivation but suddenly it hit me with all the underlying issues and that didn’t help either. So I’m going back tomorrow to my usual running for weekdays. And I do a spinning class on Sunday morning. Hopefully getting back to ‘routine’ will help me through whatever I have and one day I’ll find solution for my issues and find motivation.

The good news is though that I lost weight. A couple of people noticed it but more importantly a pair of trousers is lose instead of tight. Hah! I rock! 

I get back to my diet from tomorrow and keep trying to pursue my happiness. And somehow I find the below quote the most appropriate and descriptive of how I feel…


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