Being happy only depends on us. It does not depend on your circumstances. It depends on your attitude. Your balance is inside you.

I’m sure we all heard of these thoughts and usually we just shook it off as stupid ideas. I know I did. But lately and mostly in the past week I start understanding this. There are many not good things in our lives. And many times we choose to put ourselves in unpleasant situations like talking to people we don’t want to, doing things we don’t want to do. 

For example, I’m not feeling OK at work yet I’m staying there. Each and every day I stay in make that decision to stay there. Many of us do it and instead of thinking and making a decision to stay or go we just keep feeling miserable. I know why I’m staying for another year or so. It’s a chore. It’s not something I’d like to do but at the moment I prioritised other things and I’m staying to prepare my life for some changes. So I started distancing myself from work issues. I go in, do my job and leave. OK, it doesn’t work perfectly but I’m becoming less stressed by purely shifting my focus on why I’m staying there. So my attitude is changing and I accept it. I can’t change things at the moment so I just take it as it is and get on with it.

It all starts with little changes. Little decisions. If you’re overweight but you’re dreaming of being slim then make that decision. It won’t happen overnight and you’ll fall many times in the road. Start making small changes if you don’t have the willpower (or other circumstances) to make drastic changes. Like go for a 15 minutes walk in the evening. Or park in the furthest available spot in the car park. Eat 3 doughnuts instead of 4. Swap 2 takeaways a week for something healthy and homemade. Then slowly increase. Walk 20 minutes. Eat 2 doughnuts. Have 3 homemade meals. 

Or if it seems a big jump just start thinking of changing. Make these thoughts yours. Live with these thoughts. Dream with them. The rest will come. It may take a while but changes will start happening.

If you’re in an unhappy relationship/marriage then start changing. Make a decision. Leave today or start looking for other opportunities or try another way to fix your relationship. Take time out for yourself. But stop whining. That takes so much away from your energy and time. Make a decision what you want to do and act accordingly. If you spend too much time with people who judge you or belittle you and make you feel unpleasant start spending less time with them. 

Changes are hard but they hide the key to your happiness. Live the life you want to live and it will bring happiness to you and balance and every obstacle will just be easier. In time. Slowly. But things get easier and you’ll be happier. Make some space and time for yourself when you listen to yourself and observe yourself. Then do things that actually make you feel happy or at least things that don’t upset you. That’s the key to happiness. Your decisions are the key to your happiness…


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