So, as I said last week I have to do yoga to get my flexibility back, to stretch my tense muscles and because I think it’s an amazing thing to do anyway. I planned to do it in the morning and in the evening. It’s not really working. I’ve been lazy, chilling at home the last few days but this morning I got up and got ready to do it. But then I got interrupted. Worry not, I caught the chief culprit:

She got away with a few kisses though.

And I eventually did some yoga. You know, it’s about breathing and flowing. Now my flow at the moment is like riding a bicycle with square wheels… oops! And my stretches, oh dear, they hurt! I actually screamed a little when I did my pigeon pose. My hamstrings are just very tight. But it’s the good kind of pain and before mentioned culprit came to check upon me immediately giving me kisses.

Anyway, I definitely stick to the morning yoga and I attempt to do one in the evenings as well


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