I found a really great motivation in the Olympics. I just try to pretend in my mind that I’m a professional athlete or at least I’m near their level and it works! Then sometimes I actually have to face reality:

  • My personal best is like 4k for 30 minutes
  • Women’s 10000 meter new world record is 29:17.45
  • The marathon winner’s average pace was 17.6km/h. She ran that for 2 hours and 24 minutes. That’s more than double of my average that I can hold for 40 minutes. And it’s above my maximum speed which is 15 km/h lol

So for me it’s a long way to go. But I’m an Olympian! I’m on top of the world!!! I can do this!

And I also came up with a really positive perspective as well. If you’re overweight and so unfit (LIKE ME) any workout will be hard. Running in my case. But I was thinking. I carry an extra 40 kg (88lbs) weight. Without it my BMI would be the best and most ideal BMI ever; right in the middle of the healthy range. If you ever feel down about it and seeing all these amazing athletes or regular fit gym members just think of putting an extra 40 kg on them (like carry it in a backpack or in weights) and their pace/stamina will suffer as well. So there’s hope for you too! You just do your sessions with these extra weights and then over time you’ll just lose them…


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