After a long week and a great workout yesterday (details tomorrow!) I have a proper rest day today. Cleaned the house and that’s all I did. So I’m back watching the Olympics and resting. Mostly interested in women’s heptathlon supporting Jessica Ennis-Hill, Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Nafi Thiam. And I dream of having their bodies! Amazingly toned. So it sets some targets for me. I won’t have that toned body at all as I’m not a professional athlete training long hours a day but it’s something I’ll be working for on an amateur level.

Anyway, good results come with good food so I’ve been feeding this tired body well so far

Lovely breakfast of scrambled egg (1 large egg) and mushroom on toast with fresh tomato, red romano pepper and Greek yoghurt with a lovely mug of coffee. I didn’t take a picture of it (apparently. I was 100% sure I did…) but it was something like this:

And a few hours later lunchtime! Grilled halloummi cheese, mushrooms wirh turf infused olive oil and kale, tomato and red pepper salad. Salad dressing is garlic, celery, red pepper and yoghurt. I put a little bit of this dressing in the mushroom like 5 minutes before I took it out of the oven. 

Fair amount of protein, fat, not much carbs. Mostly vegetable based. Super yummy and super garlicky lol


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