Olympics is a great time to pick up regular training and to find motivation. There are so many amazing stories there about fight and dedication, motivation, stamina, dreams and the ways that led there.

Three of my favourite athletes are Katinka Hosszu from Hungary (swimming), Mara Abbott from USA (cycling) and my girl crush Jessica Ennis-Hill (hepthatlon). Amazing women with amazing results. but they’re not the only one.

Team refugees is definitely one of major motivator in Rio 2016. I’m sitting on my big bum, have food in front me, have money to buy ‘luxuries’ like make up or a 3rd pair of training shoes, I have a room to go home to, I have my own bathroom, smart phone and tablet and work. And many times I’m sitting moaning about how hard life is, and how hard workout is. You know, the things we all do. and there are these amazing athletes who had to flee their country, their home because they could no longer live there safely. They did not choose to go. They had to. They might not be the most successful athletes of all times winning gold medals and breaking world records. They’re more than that. They’re superheroes. Representing an ever growing minority of the human race that are forced to leave their homes, many times never to return.

Below is the latest news of them:





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