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Use your anger and channel it:

1 Find creative solutions

Anger brings up memories of past hurt and can inspire imagined outcomes. These imaginings can lead us to innovative thinking and creative problem-solving.

2 Strengthen your resolve

Anger can help us focus and energetically provide us with the persistence needed to overcome obstacles.

3 Become more self-aware 

Acknowledging when we are angry and understanding our triggers can be a useful tool for self-growth. Just that recognition can take the edge off and allow us to direct this energy into creative pursuits.

4 Brainstorm

High emotions can inspire unstructured and atypical thinking. These are the moments that allow us to think outside of the box. So get yourself a pen and paper and note down ideas.

5 Get fit

The intense surge of energy supplied by anger can help push you through physical exhaustion. Use this energy to realise your fitness goals and release those feel-good endorphins.


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