A bingeeater. Comforteater. Gourmand.

Food has always been one of my favourite interests. First just the basic taste then it has become comforting and the worse I felt the more I ate.

In the last couple of years I try to make sure I eat good food but every time I feel down I turn to food. And I just eat and eat and eat. Just to get a feeling of it, last Saturday after eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and some snacks, I managed to eat 5 Krispy Kream doughnuts. The filled ones… In other terms I had roughly 2000 kcal. It takes nearly 3 hours of spinning to work it off.
When I am feeling good, I love eating too, I love the sensation of tasting. Then I don’t eat 5 doughnuts. I can eat normal portions.

But when I’m down it’s bloody hard to resist and I keep spiralling down. Hating myself for binge eating again

My name is Mel. And I’m a foodaholic.


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