I don’t know how other people do this but I was hungry yesterday morning. I mean not really hungry just my stomach felt empty. Which made me want to eat food. Solid foooood! And eventually as a knock on affect of that ‘hunger’ o caved in and ate a Picnic bar… So pretty much my workout was burning the chocolate bar.

So, today I try to trick myself. I added some frozen berries to the shake. Let’s see what happens…

As for workout, I’ll do 30 mins on the crosstrainer. Fatburn programme, slow moving as I have to keep my heart rate at 121. Epic fail so far… But if I make it through this week I’ll increase it to 2 cardio (faster pace, heartrate 149) and 3 fatburn from next week.

Then 3 cardio, 2 fat burn.  Then I swap one cardio for spinning.

I’m the meantime I’d like to increase the length of the training as well to one hour. Not in the next 3 weeks, that’s for sure…


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