This is me and my human. She’s a rare type of humans, she’s genuinely caring, loving and honest. She’s like a near extinct species. She cares for my happiness and safety. She gives me food and hugs and kisses. I like her a lot. She’s not good with herself. Her heart is broken. She was carrying huge packages for decades. She needs healing.
She is the kind of person who needs love and attention and reassurance so she can heal her soul. She barely trusts anyone. For the first sensation of pain or offensive word she just hides behind her walls. Just imagine a hedgehog; hedgehogs get scared easy and then they hide within their thorny cape not letting anyone close. She’s the same. But she’s lonely behind her walls. And now she’s going through bad things. She’s not dealing with it well. She doesn’t want to tell it to others because she doesn’t want to put this burden on anyone she loves. But she’s suffering.
I found out the reason she doesn’t trust is that’s how she was raised. She was constantly told off if she didn’t achieve 100% and she was reminded all her failures every time she made a mistake. But in front of other people she was praised. No wonder she can’t believe anything. And she was hurt, bullied and outcast as a child. Then she remembered her father abused one of her friends. He had indecent thoughts of her too. She was also beaten many times. She never truly felt loved or worthy. Her mother did not stand up for her either. Her mother was beaten by her dad which she didnt know about until recently. Mother rather hid when she as a child was fighting with a roaring father.
But she’s a good one. After all this bad she still sees the good in many things. In people. She finds the hidden gems, the ones you’d least expect and finds their values. She is happy for their success. She is proud of me when I catch a mouse although she hates mice or dead mice in the house. She supports those she cares for as much as she can. But she’s not OK now. She needs people around her who truly care for her, who know that somewhere there her heart is able to heal and she can have those cute smiles and glowing eyes when she finds her own gem inside. She needs to feel valued. She can’t be hurt again because I don’t know how she would manage that. She needs warmth and not cold. I hope there are humans out there who truly care for her.



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