My favourite historical era is the ancient Roman Empire before it fell apart.
So anything relating to that interests me. That’s why my friend chose to take me to the Roman museum in Vienna.

There was a military barrack here for like 4000-6000 soldiers and servants plus the surrounding area. I’m still fascinated by ancient Rome and all the things they did and knew and built 2000 years ago. There was floor heating, pretty much the actual floor was placed on stacks of brick-columns that created a hollow space  and that’s where they blew got air in. The buildings had walls made of hollow bricks so they were heated too. All these bricks were sealed airtight as well as the flooring so the smoke couldn’t get inside. Apparently bricks didn’t change a lot in the last 2000 years.
The below is part of the settlement:


And as it turns out the ancient Romans had several items we still use in a somewhat similar form:



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