After a long and eventful journey and an hour delay on the flight o finally landed in Vienna yesterday. I spent my evening with my friends and two adorable kids who kept hugging me and giving me kisses. They established I smelt good this morning so they kept sniffing me.
Then I packed my bags and set sail to Hungary. Well, actually took the train. I started chatting to a girl because she ate quinoa with something so my curiosity beat anxiety and I asked her what was in it. Then we spent the next hour chatting and laughing. (Her food wasn’t good by the way…)
As I had to change trains in Budapest I registered with Uber because I had to he t to another railway station. Now, I set PayPal as payment method. Then it turns out I can’t use PayPal in Hungary. Neither can I add another payment method because I haven’t had any journeys yet. (Or whatever other reason). Unfortunately without a valid payment method I can’t even order a ride…
So I ended up taking the underground. I  tried to buy a set of 10 tickets and when I got to pay the machine didn’t accept the 10,000 note (cca £25) because it’s too high value compared to the total payable amount (well,  according to the conductor hanging around). WTF??!!! So I had to pay by card which I wanted to avoid. Usually I prefer card payments but I can no longer follow up my spending in Hungarian forints. But at least I smell good according to the twins…



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