I work in a busy open plan office whete people are stressed and sitting all day and there’s always a birthday to being in cakes therefor everyone is eating. All day. Ok, at least that’s the feeling I have. And it makes me oh-so-hungry! So I had to come up with different tricks how to eat and not starve and be healthy. And as I keep babbling about food I cook and eat I decided to show what I eat:
Breakfast in the office between 8.30 and 9.00 am. I get up at 6am (or earlier…) and it’s an hour I’m mute to the office so by the time I get in my tummy is ready to be fed. I have a sandwich with a thin layer of butter (bread without butter for me is just not something possible…), Some avocado and a sliced, hard boiled egg


I prefer seeded wholegrain breads and because I don’t eat too much bread I usually go for the more expensive, better quality ones. The best would be to make my own bread but it wouldn’t be economical for me and I don’t even have a space to put the breadmaker.
I have a cup of latte with it, around 200ml almond/coconut milk, no sugar although I put cinnamon in the coffee. I also have a huge mug (pint size) and I have fruit or herbal tea in it. I drink roughly two of these mugs before lunch. No sugar, or sweetener. Just the fruit tea  (except when I’m battling with cold. Then honey and lemon).
Around 11am I have second breakfast: lettuce, tomato, pepper, radish, spring onion with yoghurt and a slice of Ryvita crispbread:


My breakfasts have the most calories during the day. I usually eat more in the mornings gradually decreasing towards the end of the day. Like this two course breakfast is 488 kcal in total.
99% of the days I have home cooked meal for lunch. Today’s is tagliatelle Genovese style:


Potato, green beans, basil and toasted pine nut kernels. Slight difference to the recipe is the deconstructed pesto and I didn’t use any cheese. It’s under 300 kcal.
After lunch I start drinking my super yummy smoothie. It replaces desert and snacks. I always make it from fresh fruits with adding some plain water. Today is pineapple, blackberry, strawberry, a clementine and a little bit of avocado to give a nice and smooth texture:


700 ml and cca 140 kcal

And for afternoon snack around 3pm I have a mixture of rolled oat, chia seed, nut and berry selection, cinnamon and nutmeg, soaked in coconut milk (or any other milk) with half a teaspoon of honey:


I take roughly 2 tablespoons of this mix.
So far all the above comes to just over 1100 kcal.
(Dinner is usually a light vegetable soup or protein shake or stir fry noodles.)
I eat 5 times a day. Not big portions. I don’t feel hungry. There’s still some place left for other snacks if I feel like it (my drawer has Nakd bars and graze boxes. Just in case) I think it’s fairly healthy as well. I feel good and I lost weight (with exercise though… But technically it would work without exercise as well)


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