Many peple are blaming carbs for weight gain and having a vendetta against it. But carbs are actually pretty good and useful. The problem is with our lifestyle. We eat too much carbs to our activity level. Or we are not active enough to eat that much carbs. Actually we eat too much compared to what activities we do hence we keep gaining weight. So again, it’s our fault and not poor carbs. (Honestly, why would you eat like 8000 calories if you’re not a professional athlete?)
Many times when we cook pasta we put too much pasta and not enough topping so it becomes a ‘lethal’ calorie bomb. But if we decrease the amount of pasta and add more vegetables: we’ll be well fed on low calories! Yay!


Big portion of food! That’s what I needed!!! I didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast so by lunchtime I was properly starved. I needed a quick and not bad solution so I went for a vegetable pasta dish:
90 grams raw penne
100 grams chopped tomato
50 grams sliced red romano pepper
Half a small onion, chopped
100 grams courgette/zucchini
Put all of them in a pan, add some cream or some milk to make it creamy (I used 70 grams of single soya cream)
Cook them for like 10 minutes and your filling food is ready to eat. Ot came to 362 kcal but I used too much cream (I have an excuse! It runs out in 2 weeks so it had to be used…)
So what about nutrition? It’s fairly close to the ideal proportion (recommended by MyFitnessPal)


If I added some soya mince it would have increased the protein level. Or meat-eaters, if you add meat then you’ll have a different balance too


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