I had 3 spinning classes and I’m getting from ridiculously crap to amazingly bad. So, on a scale of 10 I’m now on -9. I started -10. A few more weeks and I reach 0… but I’m getting better and the trainer said it too and I feel it too.

Since I started working out the dark circles around my eyes are not as dark as they were before and I look less tired. My legs used to swell up badly in the past few weeks before gym and now it’s gone. Well, they still swell but not too badly. Previously pretty much my ankles were the same width to my knees and my legs under knee were very achy. Now it’s just swelling moderately because of sitting all day (I swear I try to get up once in every 30 minutes. Not too successful so far. I left my desk 4 times so far. I’ve been in the office for 7.5 hours…)

The pants I use for spinning are less tight than they were before. Slightly though but definitely less tight.

I usually felt pretty exhausted by Fridays. Last two Fridays were actually not too bad. I was still tired but not that brain-dead, zombie like exhausted.

As for the pain, wow, this hurts. Every bit of me is in pain. But it’s the kind of pain I know I worked for and this makes it more bearable. My confidence (the tiny little one I had) is shaken by seeing my silhouette in the mirrors, seeing how others are completing the tasks and just knowing and experiencing how much I cannot physically do. It’s very upsetting. But hopefully I’ll improve in time, slowly and steadily.

So bottom line, it’s totally worth it. Not having sore and swollen legs, not feeling exhausted, beaten up and drained, being less stressed (yeah, I no longer have energy to feel stressed…) definitely make up for having muscle aches. I highly recommend it!



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