Another lovely dinner tonight. I just got home from yoga and I feel absolutely shattered. I’ve never been an amazing yogi but I was quite good.  And now all those asanas I could do are gone. I’m struggling with all of them. My non-existent core is actually really non-existent now. This will be harder than I imagined.
When I got home I really needed some lovely and healthy food so I had yesterday dinner’s leftover and some zoodle kind of thing with a few asparagus. Surprisingly filling.


My friend introduced me to zoodle which is zucchini  (courgette in Britain which would make it cool here) noodle. I had a few tries and I’m not fully convinced but this batch turned out to be very nice wrh just salt and pepper, roasted until slightly browned some bits. Those were the yummy ones. So definitely more experimenting here


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