Sorry guys for the radio silence. Work is crazy and going to the gym worn me out. I’ll write about it in another post.
What I’d really like to share with you right now is the awesome dinner I just had!!!
The recipe on this link was the base inspiration and then a little conversation with my PT and the vegetables I had at home and ta-damm:


So, I prepared the aubergines as said in the recipe. In the meantime I chopped tomatoes, some celery, onion, garlic, red pointed pepper and a little bit of garlic. I sautéd them slightly then added quinoa and bulgur mix. Scooped out the aubergine and added to this mix. Cooked it for 12 minutes and then filled it back into the aubergine halves. Sprinkled some grated parmigiano on top, put it back in the oven and 15 minutes later it was ready. I added some yoghurt mixed with a bit of lemon juice and chopped fresh parsley and it turned out to be the yummiest thing I had. And it’s under 250 calories
Alternatively you can add any other filling. Or just follow the original recipe. Attention meat-eaters! You can add mince meat in the filling too!  And for vegans, just leave parmigiano and yogurt out. Simples! A food with many options! Enjoy!


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