I still don’t know a lot about US elections. I follow the news but as I don’t really believe politicians I usually just ignore whatever promises they come up with. However this time Bernie Sanders got on my radar again. He seems to have something important to say:

What Pope Francis is saying is that our lives, our existence, should be about more than just the accumulation of more and more wealth. In America, I see people who are worth billions of dollars pushing for policies that make the rich richer and everyone else poorer. That’s not what human life should be about.


Also I keep bumping into Pope Francis in the news. He seems to be the most approachable pope I have had in my lifetime. OK,  he’s the 3rd pope. But he seems to be keeping up with the modern world and visiting migrants showing that long forgotten Christian love and humbleness and welcoming in action. 12 migrants are not a lot but it’s more than what I’ve done. It feels he’s somewhat transforming the church to a modern institution.


Photo credit: http://www.usatoday.com


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