I have to admit a failure of mine. Well, not a failure. Not sure what it is. Anyway, up until now I was too proud to admit I can’t do training by myself. Weeks passed since RockSolid and all I do is just coming up with excuses why I’m not doing anything tonight. It has to stop. 10k is sneaking upon me. So this morning at 7am I decided I’ll be joining a gym. So by the end of next week I’ll be a gym – member.
I have always had pride issues;  many times I was too proud to do something. Like admitting I can’t do it alone. I want something and if I can’t do it by myself it’s not a weakness to ask for help. I want to be healthy, fit and active.

I’ll be a gym bunny! So I will survive my 10k challenge. And I get closer to my dreams.


GIF credit: https://media.giphy.com/media/x5clhLXINq4c8/giphy.gif


One thought on “Gym bunny

  1. Woo! Go you! What’s stopping you right? As a newbie I felt tons of insecurities when heading into the gym, and I still do now after a few years – but that’s just part of who I am and the challenges I have to face. Check out my blog post on self concious thoughts at the gym if you want to feel a bit better about yourself hehe. I have one on starting advice for women and weights too xx


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