My nephew is supersmart

He got into the best school in Hungary with the 6th best result

He had the best test results in 3 other top schools.

He came from a disfunctional minority family and he ended with my sister in law and brother and now he’s got a chance in life. And I’m so happy for him. Without getting out of that minority I’m not sure he would have had the opportunity to show how smart and hard working he is.

You know, in Hungary if you’re gipsy you’ll highly likely end up as a criminal or someone uneducated very poor person living on social benefits being highly discriminated. And he was lucky enough and now he can fulfil his potential.
He’s in top 3 in many national competitions in Maths, History, Chemistry, Geography, Grammar as well.
He’s simply amazing 🙂 He’s my fairy tale! 🙂 



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