I had this recipe for a while and the time came when I had to try it:


Ad per usual, I changed it a little bit: I added more oil, no basil, but 2 garlic clove and… you know what?! I actually created a new one… So I used 200 grams if kale with a cup of soaked walnut. I put them in the food processor with some lime juice and salt and olive oil and blended them until they were smooth. I roasted some pine nuts in olive oil and when they turned slightly brown I added the pesto and I kept stirring it for like 5 minutes adding oil as needed.
The result:


Served with tagliatelle:


Healthy? Yes! (At least I think so) Low calories? Hahaha! Not a chance. But it’s packed with healthy calories… just a quick guess but the above is 4 portions and the pesto on each portion has like 1 Krispy Cream doughnut worth of calories… nope, not the original sugar coated ring. I’m talking more like the heights of Cookie Dough or Lotus Caramelised Biscoff or Brownie Batter – all around 400 kcal each… ooops


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