So, my 10k run is coming up in 4 months time and after the epic failure of RockSolid (although it’s great that I completed it at all) I realised it’s time to stop kidding and I really have to start training for my run. I’ll keep walking as much as I can throughout this month although I’m still heavily limping with my strained muscle (yeah, RockSolid was just too much for my delicate limb and I developed a rather uncomfortable and very painful muscle fever) and I start running from April. My schedule is very tight so let’s hope for the best of luck for me!

Up to the last week of May I plan to achieve running 5k with C25K plan. I won’t start at beginners level because I have already built up some stamina. As usual I try to give a bit more time for me to complete a level (week) before moving onto the next level:

10k running

On non-running days I try to walk as much as possible depending on how my body copes with life. I have a few WALK+ days when I plan to walk from the office to home or at least into town (5-7k). There’s exactly 10k between my home and the office. Here’s the C25K plan:


From the first full week of June I’m entering the 10k training phase with Bridge to 10k plan. The real challenge will be to continue running whilst on holiday. The week before the race I reach level 5 which is 30 mins run twice with 1 minute walking gap in between. So on race week I slow down a little bit to give my body a little rest and we’ll see how it goes.

Below is a really handy schedule for the 10k training:



5K: http://plansandlaughter.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/c25k.html

10K: https://www.reddit.com/r/b210k




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