Most of you have heard it before me and a few of my colleagues have completely lost the remaining of our sanity and we signed up to do the RockSolid 5k obstacle challenge next week to run through mud and literally icy cold water and climb walls and carry logs and other interesting activities. (I would definitely not comment on the sanity of our 10k team but they’re very brave people…)

Amie is our queen of training; Scotty cannot participate this year but she’ll come with her bestie Colin, the cough-turned-chest-infection to cheer; Tamzin has just started panicking about training (I think she’s fit and fairly active anyway) and as for me, well, I started training this week. Ideally I should lose 25kg (4 stones) AND get fit in the next 8 days which highly likely I won’t achieve (although I believe in magic and unicorns and anything else that can help!)

Anyway, the reason of this long babbling is to ask for your help to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Unfortunately most of us know someone who had or has cancer. My beloved sister-in-law is a grateful survivor but not everyone is lucky enough to be diagnosed at early stages or have a treatment available. 

I firmly believe the more money we can donate to research and raising awareness, the more successful we will be to beat cancer.

Please donate to this great cause!


Thank you,

Team Loony Tunes




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