I’m so sorry for being quiet.
There are a lot of things going on right now. none of it is particularly interesting or they’re work in progress.
– I’m experimenting with a new (at least in my diet) healthy snack but I didn’t quite got it right yet.
– work is hectic but I started standing up for myself
– I’m back on therapy from Thursday and just in time for that I managed to figure out what’s wrong: I still don’t see myself valuable enough to invest in my own health and wellbeing. Aaaand that’s how far we got.  I don’t know why. It effects my workout, my dieting and my whole life.
– I finally met a dear friend, D and That deepened my love for him and his hugs fixed a few things in my soul.
– I had my MRI scan and it was all smooth except I had a long and mild anxiety attack after that
– my cold is still not gone. Now I developed a sore throat and my tonsils are slightly swollen
– I’m still drinking smoothies every day
– a friend from the past appeared and although I’m happy for it but it also makes me a bit anxious

See, lot of things but nothing that I actually have a lot of things to say about. 😦
Columbus is still very cute though:



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